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Black Coffee

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Black Coffee
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Black Coffee


Savor the rich classic flavor of Black Coffee, a jazzy blend of moving hits from contemporary jazz greats including the likes of Juno Awards winner and smooth jazz diva Carol Welsman. First up is Christine Hart's I Want A Little Sugar In My Bowl, an elegant and gentle number tinged with romantic bitterness. Next, enjoy a dash of nocturnal sultriness with JoAnn Funk's cool jazz piano piece What Is There To Say; Carol Welsman's uplifting rock piece Lucky To Be Me; Amandah Jantzen's lightweight dance hit Sequined Mermaid Dress; Maruja Muci's All Of Me, a leisurely romantic bossa nova number; Amandah Jantzen's deeply moving My One And Only Love and Liz Woolley's unforgettable If It Weren't for Love. Here are 30 unadulterated jazz selections that will move your heart.


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