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Bossa Nova for Lovers... Songs of Loving You

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Bossa Nova for Lovers... Songs of Loving You
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Bossa Nova for Lovers... Songs of Loving You


"On the sofa, we embraced. And the world shook a little." Such is the prose that channelled the power of love in Haruki Murakami's Lexington Ghosts, prose that was written down when Murakami immersed himself in the flow of bossa nova, a flow that gives words and rhythm to our emotions. Bossa Nova For Lovers boasts songs and remixes by many of the favorites loved by bossa nova fans in Taiwan, including german nu jazz band Club Des Beluga, Wiesbaden quartet Hotel Bossa Nova, fan favorites Tape Five and The Bahama Soul Club, Brazilian jazz, diva Fabiana Passoni, popular Latin-pop singer Carmen Cuesta, Brazilian singer Marcos Valle, and veteran American rock star Dean Martin. Let this 30-song 2CD collection of romantic bossa nova numbers guide you through the four seasons, along a path of love paved by Cupid


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