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Brazilian Lounge

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Brazilian Lounge
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Brazilian Lounge


The sea, the breeze, the beach... Take a dip in Brazilian Lounge, let its Latin jazz notes take you through the coastal paradise that now lays ahead. Brazilian Lounge includes: Carmen Cuesta's breezy bossa nova number Tormenta; Cristina Levine's lightly melancholic Trocando Em Miúdos; Clemence De Tournemire's passionate cover of the jazz classic Day By Day; the moving bittersweet flow of Adryana Ribeirol Por Que Voltou Aqui?; Shirley Espidola's sultry cover of Insensatez; Nicolle Rochelle's lovingly sweet rendition of Cole Porter's Night And Day; Cristina Levine's interpretation of the timeless Frank Sinatra classic Strangers in the Night; Maggie Green's joyful interpretation of Antonio Carlos Jobim's Só Danço Samba and Água de Beber; and elegant and jazzy flavor of Tamara Maria's Minha Vida and Aqui, Ali Em Qualquer Lugar (covers of The Beatle's In My Life and Here, There and Everywhere). Here are 29 moving Latin melodies complemented by warm radiant voices that will lead you on a beautiful journey through your favourite memories and release you from the stress and fatigue of everyday life.


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