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chillbar vol. 3

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chillbar vol. 3
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chillbar vol. 3


On the 27th of January, 2012 Sine Music will be opening the CHILLBAR again. This third edition compilation will be available on CD, as high-quality and limited edition Digipak and online at all well-known download stores.
Sine Music has once again mixed a new, interesting cocktail of Chillout, Lounge and Downtempo for the small hunger as well as the greatest thirst.
The CD includes fine sounds, previously unreleased exclusive tracks, from internationally successful artists such as Polished Chrome, Sine, Merge of Equals, Setsuna, Electrix, Klangstein and many more.
It's time for cultivated relaxation - 'Happy Hour' any hour. Relaxing and/or stimulating: the music accompanies perfectly conversations with friends or inner tranquility while guaranteeing the best feel-good-ambience.
Take some time out and relax to the sounds of CHILLBAR Vol.3 - like the title says: absolutely chillable!


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