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Electro Swing Bistro 2

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Electro Swing Bistro 2
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Electro Swing Bistro 2


Dive into colorful swing beats and relive the best bits of the 1930s with Electro Swing Bistro 2. Immerse yourself in Austrian electroswing master Parov Stelar's psychedelic retro swing number Doctor Foo; the soul funk tempo of Anita O'Day's Peanut Vendor?Club Des Belugas Remix), the Latin-flavored dance beats of German whiz Dunkelbunt's (feat. Boban i Marko Markovic Orkestar) Cinnamon Girl (Club Edit); the experimental hip-hop giant Chinese Man's I've Got That Tune, a concoction of oriental exoticism and hip-hop; Bart & Baker's (feat. Lada Redstar & Pierre Santini) elegant and charming French-style piece Allez Viens (Via Con Me); Dunkelbunt's (feat. Amsterdam Klezmer Band) Black Eyed Sea, a harmonious mix of gypsy tones and the melody of the sea; and the richly colored and soulful spirit of Brenda Boykin's Hard Swing Travellin' Man. Modern electronic, timeless jazz and retro flavors intertwine through these 30 songs to present you with a delightful mix that lets you escape away from the hubhub of our modern life.


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