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fruit 6 - coconut

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fruit 6 - coconut
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fruit 6 - coconut


The juicy parts of music - with fresh love from Mr M.
Lemon, Melon, Lychee, Rambutan, Orange, Coconut - what sounds like an exotic fruit basket is in real a delicious melodic music cocktail. The finest fruits of music - hidden on releases of famous artists or in small independent studios of no name sound puzzlers - put together by Musicpark on this must have collection. Finally the long waiting was worthwhile: Musicpark mixes "Coconut" for you - in a double performance:
Shaken as electronic serving "Coconut Club", and stirred in old groovy tradition "Fruit 06 Coconut". The exclusive "Fruit"-series stands for quality in music off the beaten mainstream track. Also "Fruit 06 Coconut" is characterized by outstanding taste and carefully selection according to the proven fine receipt: The most precious pearls of international grooves blend sophisticated to a journey round the world through the different styles in music in the rhythm of time. This extraordinary compilation of the fruit series seduces with rare and original tracks carried by an opulent carpet of sound: Soulful tango, relaxed swing or boosting grooves let our souls dance. Sensual like a sultry summer night Slackwax stages a decadent opening. Cool are the tracks of Noiseshaper and the Sofa Surfer with the Thievery Corporation Mix. Waldeck tempts us with "Addicted" to the attitude of the forties, easy caught by Gecko Turner, the Spaniard with fun and street
side flair. An ear candy is Alice Russels voice and her smooth song "High up on the hook", the Parov Stelar Remix of Andy Korg is a catchy tune and with Psapps charming "Everybody Wants to be a Cat" Coconut dribbles lightly into a new beat -
… be part of the fruit community for lovers of groovy, funky chill-out-sound. Enjoy with us our delicious soundtrack "Coconut Club" for the modern bohemian - a life between sophisticated urban power. And with "Fruit 06 Coconut" we seduce you to the sensuality of an isolated beach.


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