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I Love Chansons

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I Love Chansons
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I Love Chansons


Unforgettable Moments

Take a leisurely stroll along the beautiful Seine and soak in the soothing ambience while you tune into I Love Chansons' colorful melodies. Embrace French-style romance with classics including the likes of Édith Piaf's Hymne à L'amour, Joséphine Baker's J'ai Deux Amours and Charles Trenet's La Mer, as well as leading singers like Stacey Kent, Isabelle Antena and Annie Royer. Sway to the breezy and sweet bossa nova beats of La Chanson D'orphée; the melancholic jazz flavor of Julie Dunn & The John Horler's Vous M'eblouissez; the autumn flavor of Luce Black's Les Feuilles Mortes; Marina Xavier's joyful and passionate L'Aigle Noir; the playful electric style of French Acoustic's Le Plus Beau Tango Du Monde; the refreshing funk rhythm of Valerie Ahneman's La Vie En Rose; and Stacey Kent's bittersweet and breathtaking rendition of Que Reste-T-Il De Nos Amours' Here are 18 songs to accompany our emotional ups and downs and color the gray city in a romance hue.


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