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Ibiza Beats Vol. 7

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Ibiza Beats Vol. 7
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Ibiza Beats Vol. 7


Ibiza Beats "Sunset Chill & Beach Lounge" Vol. 7 will surely reach the Top sales following the steps of its predecessor Vol. 6. From the very beginning; Saba Rock & Sandy Cay let you get in the right Chill mood with "Twist & Turn" by famous Christian Hornbostel while Krystian Shek kicks you off starting cd 2 with "To Much Thinking" a great downtempo swinger. This new Vol. 7 is completed with new stunning vocal tracks such as "In my Pocket" by Sol Electrico and amazing chill / downtempo grooves by Lazy Hammock and Alex Cortiz. Enjoy "Say Hello" by Mo'Jardo and the worldwide know song "Crazy" by Rhod feat. Mika in a sublime downtempo version! 


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