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Ibiza Beats Vol. 8

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Ibiza Beats Vol. 8
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2er CD
Ibiza Beats Vol. 8


The new double cd Ibiza Beats vol 8 presents many brand new chillout tracks like the opener of cd 2 "La Planete" by Vono-Box an awesome never been compiled downtempo 'smoother' that grabs you straight into the real Ibiza flow and more nice grooves follows via the supurb and sexy downbeats of "A Little Love" then further on cd 2 relax with the smooth laidback beats and warm vocals of "Incredible". Cd 1 has a bit more bpm with latin influences like "To Eivissa" and "Benirras2 by DJ Marco Moli. Before these ones you will surely enjoy famous "Breather 2000" by Afterlife a diamond classic chill track which you should not miss! This new Ibiza Beats vol 8 edition is a nice collection of real Ibiza lounge vibes with many new exclusive tracks!



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