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Jazz for Seasons in Love

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Jazz for Seasons in Love
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Jazz for Seasons in Love


Imagine the following scenes - strolling in a warm spring afternoon, cruising in the cool summer breeze, falling in love when the leaves turn red in autumn and enjoying the sunshine on a wintery day. As seasons provide people with the ever-changing backdrops for the love stories Jazz for Seasons in Love brings listeners the seasonal music for their romances. The album collects the best of love songs from top Jazz musicians include Ranee Lee (winner of the Juno Awards), Johanne Blouin, Sandy Sasso, Carol Welsman (winner of the 2008 Smooth Jazz Awards), Karrin Allyson (nominated three times at the Grammy Awards), Sara Lazarus and Monica Mancini. In this collection are their unique renditions of the classic jazz standars such as Cole Porter´s Love For Sale, Irving Berlin´s Cheek To Cheek, George Gershwin´s Summertime and Henry Mancini's Moment To Moment.


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