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Ludwig Sound Boutique Vol.1

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Ludwig Sound Boutique Vol.1
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Ludwig Sound Boutique Vol.1


The assortment perfect for lovers of the new vintage, selected by Ludwig Sound.

The crème of European Electro Swing summarized in sixteen new songs, sparkling, able to enrapture and transport you to a musical experience like never before.

From big band as emblematic "Club des Belugas" and "Tape Five", veterans of the dance floor as "DJ Farrapo", "Grant Lazlo" and "The Swing Towers".

Bands hit by engaging and current as "Kitten and the Hip", which can count on the talent and charisma of Ashley Slater (former singer and trombonist from Freak Power) as well as revelations phenomenal as the Austrians and the French "Kiss Me Yesterday", "Lamuzgueule", ironic and irreverent pierrot by the syncopated rhythms.

Such brilliant producers as "Kiwistar", "LordJustice" and "Nikola Vuijcic" will make you experience the atmosphere of the club with their latest incredible creations of avantgarde.

The compilation includes the exclusive debut of two interpreters rookies of the phenomenon Electro Swing: "Jan Pyroman", intriguing DJ-producer from Berlin finally ready for the big jump in the world music scene and the highly anticipated debut and Italy's iconic pin up DJ "Rosantique".

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