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Ocean Deep Ibiza Vol. 2

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Ocean Deep Ibiza Vol. 2
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Ocean Deep Ibiza Vol. 2


Dj Eva Pacifico - (Ibizarre Records) Ibiza "Emotions like Ocean's Waves - Dive with me into Infinite Music - Advanced electronic sounds for evolved ears" Eva Pacifico arrived in Ibiza in 1989, ever since then she has been held spellbound by its music and magic. Over the last 15 years she has established herself on the island as a dominant force in the party scene, holding a position as DJ in several of the major island's venues, as well as breaking the Ibizarre Records label into the world market. Her good taste in music is always the first to strike people, in her sets Eva brings a culmination of music knowledge to the decks. Due to her wide background as a radio DJ - 7 years in Italian radio stations, 7 years in Ibiza Sonica Radio & Ibiza Global Radio - Eva's sets are varied and her style fresh & eclectic making of each set a 1 time event. Thanks to her irresistible selection of cutting-edge unreleased tunes, Eva Pacifico have paved the way into pole position of Balearic tastemakers. As a lover of the island, in this mix she evokes the unique atmospheres that are alive spell on Ibiza, bringing the listener into an enchanted scenario of images with no definition. Featuring on the Ocean Deep Ibiza's serie, are her superfav artists, with tunes selected to provoke intense emotions.


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