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Shanghai Lounge vol. 7

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Shanghai Lounge vol. 7
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Shanghai Lounge vol. 7


Shanghai's alluring charm exhibits a blend of warmth and tranquility. Let Shanghai Lounge 7's collection of 30 moving songs draw you into this city's overwhelmingly romantic identity. CD1: sashay to the lovely works of German nu-jazz duo Jazzamor as you sit by finest sections of the Yangtze River Delta; Californian group Rupa & The April Fishes delivers the passion of South American tango, mirroring the elegant bearings of this gem of a city; German nu-jazz group Club des Belugas ushers in pure burden-free joy to the Far East through their sweet words; sink into the comfortable touch of Bajka's poetry; relive retro electronic beats through the gorgeous summer-drenched numbers of Tape Five and immerse yourself in the Bund's intoxicating passion. CD2: As the night falls, soul singer Miriam Skroban's gentle voice, alongside Irish band 4 To The Bar, will draw you into the charm of the East China Sea; like flickering neon, the Lebanese electronic music group Soap Kills brings out the dance in Shanghai's nightlife; Austrian electronic jazz musican Parov Stelar reflects the beauty of the cityscape by tagging the sweet and surreal to the hustle and bustle of this city!


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