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Song from a Secret Garden

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Song from a Secret Garden
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2er CD
Song from a Secret Garden


Picture yourself at sunrise, strolling through a field of green covered in morning dew, enjoying the cool fresh air. This is an oasis away from the straining weight of concrete dullness, a secret garden hidden in your heart. Song From A Secret Garden, a 2CD collection of 30 tunes combining modern Western melodies with the mystique and charm of Eastern musical styles. Start off with Thievery Corporation's Where It All Starts and Sweet Tides, two sweet tunes bearing this Washington DC band's signature elegant style. Not to be outdone is French DJ Kid Loco's offering Love Me Sweet, a testament to his ability to infuse a sense of tradition organically into an electric number. Follow up with nu jazz/instrumental hip hop outfit The Cinematic Orchestra and Canadian singer-songwriter Patrick Watson's haunting joint effort To Build a Home; Marga Sol's Mediterranean-flavored No One Who Loves Me; Nai Barghout's Mum, Sing To The Wing, Tontelas' 80s-laden Lost It All; Andreya Triana's Far Closer in its soulful glory; as well as Antaeus' ethereal ambient tune Mama. Delight in this soothing exotic atmosphere, wander and indulge in the private sanctuary that is your secret garden.


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